Web Development

We build web sites, single-page applications, and business applications using open source technologies:


Mobile Development

We build mobile apps using open source web technologies:


Our preference is to use mobile web technology rather than native, because our experience is that over time it is difficult and expensive to manage multiple separate code bases. In other areas, such as corporate apps and games, where separate proprietary toolkits used to be preferred, the web has become the overwhelming preference and we expect that to occur again in mobile development.

We can build native apps using the iOS and Android toolkits where there is a good reason to do so. We can also manage outsourced third party development in parallel with web development.

Business Analysis

Good applications need good design, from a clearly understood plan for return on investment to an architecture that integrates with the existing business. We can work with you to develop a strategy, an application architecture, and designs for the web and mobile components of the solution. Mobile solutions always require data and analytics back-ends, generally in the cloud. Often it is necessary to provide integration with newly-created or legacy systems using a variety of technologies:

Cloud Operations

We prefer to build back-end and supporting components using open source technologies on scalable platforms with minimal cost of entry: